Samsung BlackJack and SBS 2003

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Ingredients:  One Samsung Blackjack bought by employee who dropped their old one on the ground.

One SBS 2003 server with an external godaddy cert already set up.

The blackjack has Godaddy as a trusted certificate in the root store (check this out by browsing to certificates on the phone, seeing that godaddy is indeed listed)

Go to the activesync setup.  Employee says “I forgot the usb cable is that a problem?”  “nope” says I.

Put in server web address (public external 443 site that we go to for RWW and OWA).

Put in username

Put in password (well she did), click the box to remember.

Put in domain name.

Hit finish and sync.  Done.

Okay that didn’t include the wipe policy and all that but in about …what… less time than it took me to write up this blog post that Samsung Blackjack was connecting and syncing to our server.

And yes, it was another case of where the employee just bought the phone, brought it in and the said “The guy in the store said it will synchronize to Outlook, can you do that?”


2 Responses to Samsung BlackJack and SBS 2003

  1. Craig says:

    Which is immensely simpler than having the boss go out and purchase a BlackBerry because he heard it was neat and insist that he use it, even though there are already 10 ActiveSync users with no problems. 🙂

  2. Brian says:

    “the guy in the store”….ugghh

    One of our employees just showed up with a Moto-Q the other day….I was thinking, “here we go”, but luckily it has WM6 on it….

    One client employee bought a blackberry and….oh nevermind….