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I have a working trial balance Excel spreadsheet with macros that is used by a couple of people in the office.  We built it originally in Lotus and migrated it to Excel.  In XP with Excel 2007 the macro still worked.  In Vista with Excel 2007 it works but only sorta… and doesn’t quite do what it’s supposed to do.  

My next phase of Vista rollouts which will include rolling out 64bit versions of Vista is dependent on me finding a fix for this issue as this worksheet macro program is used heavily by the person in the office next slated for an upgrade. 

I’ve got pings into folks that do Excel macros but this is the sort of issues that I don’t think is well addresseed about Vista deployment issues.  The little line of business cases that a typical firm doesn’t have the test equipment to ferret out and the resources to deal with it.  In our case the macro is one that is long overdue to being addressed as we need to get it more functional than it is or devise a new solution.  So in our case this “Vista block” is a good thing as it’s forcing us to fix something that has been broken as a process for a long time.



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