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Server 2003. Now my computer does not connect properly when running the Windows OS. When in OS X I can see the network drive and connect to it without a hitch… in Windows I cannot access the network at all.

Note: the IT dept. feels that it is because my computer is an Apple… however there are plenty of other PC workstations in the office having problems with the new server…

Has anyone had any trouble getting a Mac running Windows XP to connect to Msft. SBS 2003?? Or is this just a typical problem with SBS 2003 and Windows in general? Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. m.

First piece of advice.  Fire your IT department for such a lame excuse.  I’m going to take a wild guess that they may have left behind the Novell network stack and not put in place the proper Windows connection.

No we have no problem getting Macs, or Macs running XP or XP, or Vista for that matter connecting to a SBS box.  No this is not typical, nor is it typical for Windows in general.  However it is typical for an IT department that obviously hasn’t a clue, is blaming your setup for the issue when they obvously haven’t even gone and ASKED anyone in a newsgroup about your issues and leave you to your own devices.

 To properly connect a XP to a SBS domain the trick is using a routine called http://servername/connectcomputer.  Ask them if they used that routine or even read about it anywhere, if they didn’t, tell them go google it.

Tell them they need to go to system, use the Network ID and use the domain join wizard there to manually add the computer to the SBS 2003 domain.  You then need to have a username/password to give you rights to add it to the domain, and off you go.  It will ask for a reboot.

But quite frankly it really and truly annoys me when “IT departments” don’t take the time to do their homework and leave users in the lurch.


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