4 gigs is truly the minimum

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Lukas FYI… when they say 4 gig minimum…they mean 4 gig minimum. IMHO 4 gig is the old 512 memory.. you’ll want more than 4 gig.

And regarding UAC … on a server Amy will say leave it on, I say I won’t freak if you adjust the setting to silently elevate but DO NOT disable UAC.  Leave it on, but let it silently elevate.

P.S. POP is still there… it’s even better now (sigh it will retrieve every 5 minutes) but the wizard does try to push you to a port 25 setup for sure.


3 Responses to 4 gigs is truly the minimum

  1. Lukas Beeler says:

    Yeah, the performance with just 2GB is awful.

    We’ve been selling 4GB configurations with SBS 2003 now, and will probably go for 10GB configurations with SBS 2008 (2GB Base + 2x 4GB packs).

    It’s just that i didn’t have 4GB to spare on my dev server 😉

  2. Andy says:

    will be interesting to see what this is like running in a virtual environment on my 3gb machine then 😉
    Probably similar to running sbs2003 in a 1.5gb machine i guess 😉

  3. MIke Ebbett says:

    Can’t go wrong with more ram.
    And hey – I’ve got all my sbs 03 boxes collecting pop every 2 minutes 🙂

    Add a ScheduleAccelerator (DWORD) entry to


    To determine the actual polling interval: Divide the POP3 Scheduling
    interval (the value you have configured in the POP3-Connector GUI’s
    Scheduling tab) by the value you set for the ScheduleAccelerator reg entry.
    For example, if you specify a 15-minute interval in the POP3-Connector GUI,
    and you set the ScheduleAccelerator value to 3, the POP3 Connector will poll
    every 5 minutes (15 divided by 3). If you set it to 5, the POP3 Connector
    will poll every 3 minutes.