So what exactly is twitter anyway?

On May 30, 2008, in news, by (cough) someone isn’ t keeping up on the fake susan bradley twittering.

So what information gets out the door of your organization through social sites?  Do you google on your firm name?  Have a google news alert?  What about ?

Yup people even tweet about downloading SBS 2008…

Someone was asking what is Twitter and I said Twitter is a micro blogging site where you post little snippits of what you are doing to the site.

People either get it, or they don’t.


2 Responses to So what exactly is twitter anyway?

  1. -e- says:

    I don’t get it after reading a few of the 140 character messages from a few different people. And, I’m not complaining about that – I’m fine with not getting it for the time being. Sometimes, I’m very slow on the uptake and am not an “early adopter” of technology.

    Y’all can twitt and tweet and do all that stuff – in the meantime, I’ll stick to plain old text messaging with my small circle of acquaintances (I hesistate to call them “friends”, lest they start expecting me to be “friendly”)

  2. Stacey C says:

    Twitter is basically semi public IM…it’s a quick and easy way for bloggers to get more exposure to other bloggers 🙂