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On May 30, 2008, in sbs 2008, by

The other day someone said that the business value they saw in SBS 2008 wasn’t that Exchange was bigger (it is), wasn’t that that SQL is on a separate box in premium, wasn’t that if everything comes to pass with software assurance promises, that will be one killer deal, it was that the file replication/branch office stuff/multiple servers/Win2k8 ness underneath the SBS box was the killer deal. 

 He said that underneath the SBS console, was the wind2k8 server management console and that he could see a lot of potential.

There is always the struggle for the folks that don’t want to trust the wizards to those that do.  For all those folks checking out the sbs 2008 RC0, remember that every time you run a wizard, it lays down a log file.  I dare you to find it and look at all the steps that wizard does.

I’ll be blogging about some of my favs, but this weekend I’m off on a train to San Francisco to visit with some gal pals (and no we’re not planning to go see Sex in the City or anything), so blogging will be light.


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