I gave up torturing my Sister

On June 26, 2008, in Vista, by

I finally gave in.  I wanted to see how long JohnQPublic (aka my Sister) would have to wait on their Dell OEM laptop before being offered Service pack 1.  Tonight when the SigmaTel audio driver kept flipping to the codec that wouldn’t work, I said forget this.  I’m manually installing Vista SP1.  So far every OEM HP and Dell laptop I’ve touched (okay so that’s not thousands and thousands, but certainly a fair amount of friend, families, and personal machines) that have been OEM laptops, none of them have been offered up Vista sp1 through Microsoft Update.  Every single one of them I finally said “Oh forget this” and installed the Vista SP1 from the manual download site.  At which time once the Service Pack was fully installed, all the drivers were just fine.

So it begs the question, how many HP and Dell laptops are like my sister, never being offered Vista SP1?  And how many never will get Vista SP1 because Dell and HP are lame and Microsoft not helping the situation either.

Installed Vista SP1 manually, no runs, no drips no errors, and sound is working.


2 Responses to I gave up torturing my Sister

  1. Ran Hooper says:

    My very newish (bought end of April) HP 6910P wouldn’t offer it to me. I just kept doing updates until it did. The odd thing was that it wasn’t like I was missing a driver. It wasn’t there then all of a sudden it was. I don’t like relying on voodoo.

  2. Alun Jones says:

    A conspiracy theorist might suggest that Dell would very much like people to be running Vista RTM, so that they will want to _downgrade_ to XP, thereby allowing Dell to continue supporting existing drivers rather than fixing new ones, and to continue using XP-trained support staff, rather than having to train them on Vista.