It seems like when I reload Vista (in this case rebuilding for a hard drive failure) I have to dig out this post to disble the auto tuning as I’m behind a funky router that doesn’t quite work as it should.

Tonight I was trying to get to to get the software for the wireless aircard and the web site wouldn’t resolve… but would ping just fine.

netsh int tcp set glo aut=nor

netsh int tcp set glo aut=dis

to be exact is the command that needs to be done.. and all is well.

(P.S.  and when typing up a blog post late at night… make sure you copy and paste the right string)


2 Responses to netsh int tcp set glo aut=dis to you too!

  1. Steve Riley says:

    Actually, Susan, the command to disable receive window scaling (autotuning) is

    netsh int tcp set glo aut=dis

    The command you quoted (with “aut=nor”) will return the scaling function to its default behavior.

    SP1 adds a couple other values. More information in the help:

    netsh int tcp set glo /?

  2. bill says:

    Prob a silly question, but I assume once set that persists even after a reboot ?