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Not all blog posts on blogs page – Community Server:

Pardon the construction zone around making sure everything is working post upgrade to CS 2008 like it should I realized the main feed page is not updating.  In looking on the Community Server site that’s the fix I found.  The blog site is up on CS 2008 now and we’re working through a few issues.

Kudos for the folks from who did the heavy lifting.  There comes a time when working on technology projects that doing everything yourself is possibly not good for the project, or for you.  When that time comes, the best thing an IT person can do is realize that they’ve gotten to that point and outsource appropriately.  Fortunately for me offer term service and they do this really cool agreement process where they send an agreement and it’s “e-signed”. 

Whenever working with SQL I am vastly overwhelmed, so it’s always nice to know a firm to call upon and go “can you handle this?”

Needless to say when they get to stuff like “Be sure to at least back up the original assembly and the original procedures in your database.”… I’m like… oh William… it’s that SQL stuff that freaks me out. 

But the recent SQL injection stuff and even this blog server points out the fact that many/all of us have this powerful database right under our noses and have no idea how to do the basics with it.


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