A huge thank you for this follow up to an issue that impacted Remote Web Workplace.

The issue was that as you built a XP sp3 with IE7 slipstream install that you could not enable the Terminal Server Redistributable (Active X control) that RWW needs to function.  If you install XP sp3 it gets disabled as well, but with slip install you were sitting there stuck and couldn’t figure out how to get it back enabled.

SBS 2003 RWW problem – TechNet Forums:

XP SP3 Upgrades & Slipstream Install Issues with SBS RWW « Ramblings on IT:

Thanks Dave for this info.

After you build your slipstream and deploy it.. “reset” IE 7 otherwise you’ll get stuck getting into RWW and you can’t “enable” the TS control because it’s greyed out.

That’s on Vista but the concept is the same.. Click reset


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    You’re welcome Susan – nice to be able to give a little something back 🙂