Not sure if this is just getting too old to learn, too in over my head or what but for all of those folks that joke about how newbies or whatevers that need images and step by step instructions, sometimes get out of your comfort zone, go to something way over your head and read the instructions you end up going “Huh?”

I want do modify a stored procedure and the info says …

Expand Stored Procedures, right-click the procedure to modify, and then click Design.

Sounds reasonably easy enough.

Expand Stored Procedures

Okay I did that.

right-click the procedure to modify

Check, so far so good.

and then click Design

…and this is located…. where?


Looks like I’m in query mode?  Do you mean Design query in Editor?  Is that really where you want me to be?

Why is it when one reads instructions it sounds reasonable and yet when one gets to the actual product you sit there for 30 minutes scratching your head, googling, and going … is this really what I’m supposed to be doing?

Wanted:  SQL server savvy person to translate help files for blonde non SQL Savvy person.
Inquire via the blog contact box.
Will pay by paypal.

The Blonde fixed it.  Yes you hit on “Design Query in Editor” and plunk down your new code and then you click on “Execute”.  Well it worked anyway as this post is now showing up on the main feed.


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