Broadcasting from the 405

On July 4, 2008, in news, by

On the way down to LA to pick up my Sister’s new convertible mini cooper and there’s still a lot of SUVs and gas guzzlers driving on the 405 today.  I am hearing that more and more firms are doing alternative work hours and allowing remote technology.  Now obviously with Remote Web Workplace, a small business network is all set, but what other ways are you making firms “be green”.  I need to set back up Remoe Web Workplace wake on LAN as right now all of my machines, including at the office and at home are on and burning energy. 

Gas may be more than $4 a gallon but the 405 is still a mess near the airport and a near parking lot.

For those interested………Pepper White, convertible.  And while we’re down here picking up Karen’s ….I’ll be placing an order for a hardtop Mini myself 🙂


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