So what kind of CRM do you use?

On July 6, 2008, in news, by

At the Mini Cooper dealership in Santa Ana where we’re picking up my Sister’s Convertible Mini and I’m putting in my order for my hardtop, noticing that in addition to the dealer ordering system, they had a CRM tracking system where the salesman tracked how he had made contact with the customer and follow up information..  In fact soon after we got back from picking up Karen’s mini, I got an email from MiniUSA.  How’s that for “customer relationship”?  The dealership was also asking some questions about how we heard about the dealership, if we’d heard ads on radio stations about it, and if we had a myspace address. 

Gee… they didn’t ask about a blog, now did they?  [:)]

So when you have a customer buy something from you… do you follow up? 


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