Virtual Houston

On July 6, 2008, in news, by

Okay so you know about the Digital World Wide Partner event in Houston right?  But do you know about the WAY COOL video that Aaron will be broadcasting from Houston?

I’m looking forward to Aaron’s videologs and bookmark his blog and watch what he’ll be doing from there:

Download the Silverlight and enjoy and while you are watching also download the RC

If you were wondering how to do SBS 2008 in vmware, first off you have to have a server/computer that has a 64 bit processor (most machines do these days).  Once you do that, the easiest is to have the base OS to be either WinXP, 2k3 or 2k8 64bit base.  On top of that install VMware workstation.  THEN choose Longhorn 64bit experimental. 

While it’s possible to be running 32 bit OS and have the VMWare host a 64 bit guest, it totally depends on the underlying processor.  Thus it’s way way way eaiser if the “host” base os is 64 bit from the get go.

So turn up the Air Conditioner, fire up Aaron’s blog, the Digital WPC and enjoy!


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