SBS 2008 and Run As Administrator

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So on SBS 2008 you want to open up the SBS 2008 monitoring database… okay so “I” wanted to… and when you click on the SQL Server management express you get this lovely error when trying to open up the SQL SBSMonitoring instance.

So the trick is to open up that SQL management tool with Run As Administrator.  Duh.

Okay so because it’s clear that I’m lazy and can’t remember which ones RunAs and which ones don’t, I want to build a shortcut on the desktop that prechecks that.  Start, Programs find the SQL management program and right mouse click and “send to” “desktop, create shortcut” as the first step.  Now that we have the icon on the desktop.

Right mouse click on it and in the Compatibility tab, click on Run As Administrator and Apply

Now when you click on the ICON you will get a UAC prompt

And once you do that you can log into SQL instance for the SBSMonitoring

Remember the Forefront console needs this as well.

So if at first you get an error, try Run As Administrator.


2 Responses to SBS 2008 and Run As Administrator

  1. Craig says:

    lol UAC without a UAC prompt.

    “Why should a program need administrator rights just to run?”

  2. Bill says:

    I prefer using Task Manager shortcuts to start APPs with elevated priviledges, No UAC Prompts at all!

    How to run programs elevated without getting the UAC Prompt