We temporarily interrupt this SBS themed blog to bring you the MINI post of the week …. okay lately more like day:


To answer Ron, to bring the newbies up to date, I ordered my MINI Cooper around July 5th.  I went to the MINIUSA.com web site and ‘built’ my baby and then took it to the Crevier MINI dealership in Santa Ana, California. 

It will look like that.  It’s been built and is Southhampton awaiting a ship from England to Oxnard, California.  It’s the MINI Cooper S with the Hardtop.  My Sister got the convertible.

Once it leaves Southhampton, it will be put on a ship to arrive in Oxnard, California.  It will probably go through the Panama Canal but not cross the dateline or the equator (which if you talk to the Navy guy in the office means it won’t get any unofficial Navy certificates.

After arriving in Oxnard it will go to the MINI distribution center, get looked over and from there on to Crevier in Santa Ana.

Base MSRP* $21,950
Destination & Handling $650
Black Bonnet Stripes $100
Pepper White Body Color $0
Black Roof/Mirrors $0
Premium Package $1,250
        Automatic AC
        Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof
        Leather Sport Wheel w/Multifunction
Dynamic Stability Control STD
Front Fog Lamps STD
Xenon Headlamps w/Power Wash $500
6-Speed Getrag Manual STD
16″ S-Winders (Perf. Run Flats) STD
Sport Seats STD
On-Board Computer STD
6-spkr AM/FM CD Player STD
Cloth: Checkered Carbon Black/Black $0
Interior Surface Checkered Silver STD
No selections in this category
No selections in this category

It’s Pepper White (due to the heat/sun in Fresno, you want something in a light color….)

With a black contrasting roof with a sunroof (yeah yeah I know that kinda negates the white car factor but I’m planning to get the cab cover to help protect the interior from the heat.

Black stripes, and airconditioning (of course)

It will have those xenon headlights that I hate to be a driver opposite someone who has them (yes they do increase visibility but I still say they glare at other drivers)

The interior will be checkered cloth

I was debating if I would get Checkered rear view mirrors…but thought that was a little bit too much…so I didn’t opt for that.

But there you have it.

Oh yeah… have the coffeeMug already… http://www.cafepress.com/minibee/3677483



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  1. And just for UK readers who think this sounds a bargain, the same specs without delivery across the pond, will cost you aprox £19,405 – that’s $39,000.
    (Although I couldn’t find the checkered wing mirror option!)

    Let’s not go onto the fact that petrol (gas) is $10 a gallon

    My wife wonders if you could ship it back to her for a couple of thousand bucks ‘handling’ fee?

    The situation isn’t much better when you come to software/hardware either…..

  2. Paul says:

    I really hope you enjoy your new Mini. Would you believe it is actually more expensive over here to buy one than in the US! I live in Southampton, wonder if I can find a Pepper White Mini Cooper to test drive somewhere…mmm…I wonder! Enjoy!

  3. Amy B says:

    I knew I was one of the female’s techs. I knew I was one of few female’s crazy about their car. (We can argue about how mine is cooler later) What I didn’t know was that there was another female tech type that is crazy about her car.

  4. MINIGEEK says:

    Nice Order.

    Don’t fret over the Roof you will find a decal the will take care of the heat, there are a lot of cool ones.

    Don’t forget your “eyes” http://www.miniswag.com/coopercontacts.htm

    GoCarts Are Fun !

  5. David Mackie says:

    Don’t worry about checked mirrors I saw a terrific looking mini with Union Flags on the back of the Mirrors.

    If you’re gunna drive a Pommy Car it should include the Union Flag

  6. James_A says:

    Seeing all those pictures of the Mini brought back the memories…

    I once knew a girl with the original Mini Cooper (this is about 30 years ago) with a full roll-cage inside. The most common (and most sexist) question was “Is that because you are a woman driver?”

    NO! The answer was that she went rally driving in it – as you found out if she ever let you be a passenger. Then you needed a 5-point rally harness to stay in your seat every time she went round a roundabout.

    I really hope you enjoy your new Mini.

    BTW – today’s UK price makes me wince!