Shopping list for Frys

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Now on the Train/Bus/Train traveling down to Santa Ana to pick up Coop tomorrow morning. Listening to (what else?) the sound track from the Italian Job and of course checking out the news on the MINI forum.

A friend of mine says that he thinks he might be able to get professional help for my addiction to MINIs. I think he’s just envious.

(pardon any typos…. typing this in a moving bus going over the grapevine)

Shopping list for Frys…

audio connection thingy for car
retractable audio/mic for laptop

(remind me I need to do a Fry’s run this weekend)



One Response to Shopping list for Frys

  1. Yan says:

    I will pray that it all works so you don’t have to stand in the Egyptian themed return line from hell at our lovely Fountain Valley Fry’s. They have official MINI audio thingy magicits. My wife has a white convertible. 😉