Does it run on 64bit?

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So does anyone know if the Blackberry BES software that runs on a SBS server can run on a 64 bit edition?  BES runs on 32bit SBS 2003 but we’re not sure it will run on the 64bit SBS 2008?

If so you have a couple of options. 

Mobile 6 that work natively.

iPhones that will sync.

Or see if it will run on 32bit Windows 2008 and put it on the second server?

So does BES run on 64bit?  This “will it run on 64bit” is a question many of us need to ask about our software.


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  1. Craig Carrigan says:

    We just ran in to this and it does NOT run on 64bit. We ended up installing on a secondary 32bit Windows 2003 server. They do support Windows 2008 to my knowledge, but it has to be on a secondary server and run the MAPI software from Microsoft to connect.

  2. Brad Eley says:

    Yes it does run on Windows 2003 x64. Although it was not SBS, I have done this and it runs fine.

  3. Mike Moss says:

    RIM Documentation states it will work on 64 bit, with Exchange 2007. The only thing that it does not explicitly state is Server 2008.

  4. Howie says:

    BES is NOT supported on SBS. BPS (BlackBerry Professional Software) is however.

    Both are supported on 64-bit systems … Support for Windows Server 2003 64-bit edition –

    BES / BPS / any BlackBerry server product is not supported in a host 2008 OS.

  5. Kieran says:

    So essentially you need another server on top of SBS 2008 to sucesssfully run BPS. It’s a bloody nightmare – everyone has purchased BlackBerry’s which run fine now with IMAP config. but soon be upgrading to Exchange – which as Susan says has this stuff built-in natively for Windows Mobile. It costs $500 for a five CAL BPS setup.