Our master is business

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There are times I really want geeks to understand that technology serves a master.

That master is business.

I really don’t care if the Intranet settings on IE8 to not conform to the “standards” that the author of the registry article (who works for Opera, another browser) wants them to be.

I really don’t care that in the ideas of this author that Microsoft has broken their “promise”.

Here’s reality folks.  People do not upgrade no matter how good the security is or the features are if it causes a lot of pain and hardship to business.  Heck even in the consumer world, it’s like pulling teeth for people to embrace change.

But Opera, start living in the real world of business decision makers.  We don’t read RFPs.  We don’t tout them as being a religion.  We need our businesses to work.  Technology is here to help us do business.  And business is our master.

If we forget that, we’re in big trouble.


One Response to Our master is business

  1. Chris Knight says:

    If your business is developing Web sites, then good implementation of standards in browsers is a big deal – in fact it does highlight that technology does need to help and not to hinder, especially in the implementation of good browser-agnostic sites.

    But for the browser consumers you’re right – unless we’re interested in a choice of browsers, so long as it works we don’t really care if it’s standards-compliant or not. Heck if IE 5.5 was compliant we’d have no XmlHttpRequest and where would we be now?