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When you deploy a brand new operating system one of the first things one needs to check on is if antivirus products support it.

With Windows 2008, most of the desktop versions of the a/v will run on the servers just fine, but the console versions will need to be supported.

Trend is coming out with a beta for SBS 2008 that Wayne blogged about:  If you want to see how it works on SBS 2008, sign up for the beta.

What’s new in Worry-Free Business Security™ v5.1?

  • Additional Microsoft Operating System support: Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 (Cougar) and Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008 (Centro) Support
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 Server on Windows 2008 Support
  • Web Threat Protection Feedback Loop Support
  • CSA memory reduction to under 40Mb (this is accomplished with the new Virus Scan API 8.9)
  • Integrated install with Worry Free Remote Manager


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  1. Bill Gilbert says:

    I was just bit by this. We are a partner and just deployed windows 2008 x64 and exchange 2007 internally. We wanted to deploy Forefront AV to test it.. too bad the console does not work on x64. no problem.. I’ll go back to my Trend NFR, go to install the console and get the below error. son of a….. that will teach me to do the research. Guess i will try to get the Beta.

    1. Security sever installation requires Microsoft .NET 1.1 for installation. But, installing
    .NET 1.1 on Exchange 2007 modifies the Outlook Web Access (OWA) settings and
    prevents users from using OWA. This is a .NET 1.1 Framework compatibility issue with
    64-bit .NET 2.0.

    Trend Micro recommends installing the Security Server on another computer.