SBS 2008 and Godaddy

On September 21, 2008, in sbs 2008, by

SBS 2008 now includes a Godaddy internet domain option in it’s list of registrars

But one thing I found when doing a demo setup with Godaddy that I needed to pull the Enhanced IE to off because the wizard kept failing out and not launching the proper window.

So I had to do what I hate to do and take the IE enhanced off to get the godaddy wizard to run properly.


Bottom line, run the wizard and then get off that box and don’t surf at it anymore.


4 Responses to SBS 2008 and Godaddy

  1. JamesB says:

    And you found it acceptable to have to go through those steps on a brand new product just released after how long in Beta?

    This is the same bad coding that we railed against in the past that should have been caught and fixed during testing. SBS is a consumer product at this point, how many consumers will know to remove IE Enhanced or that they should not be browsing from the server especially once it’s no longer locked down?

    I have a better solution. Don’t use the wizard and go find your own provider or install Firefox and set it as the default browser, run the wizard, then once your done run IE which will moan about not being the default so just click it to make it the default again.

    You continue to cut MS to much slack. Errors like this should never make it into a released product. $300 million for the Jerry and Bill show yet not $12/hr for some hack to walk through all the config wizards prior to release?

  2. admin says:

    I did what I had to do to make it work. This blog is not connect, it is merely reporting on what I found.

    Try being on the beta sometimes James.

    I’m not cutting MS slack but sometimes the answer I get back is “sorry we’ll have to take that up in the next version”.

    There’s an economic reality sometimes that you and I can’t fight.

    Will I go inform them that the URLs’ they placed in the trusted sites do not seem to make this wizard work, yes.

    Next time you be on the beta and see if you like the process.

  3. JamesB says:

    I have been on a number of Beta programs and made my reports as to bugs and feature changes however that does not excuse missing of major flaws which MS appears to do, A LOT.

    I see in a later post that you found you caused the problem and it’s not actually a bug, good.

  4. KevinB says:


    Hey, as much as I like Microsoft products, they will never be 100% fully catered to everyones liking. Even with this minute “feature”, the product still works. If you are that anal about things, then either join the developement team(s) at Microsoft, switch to *nix, or STFU and live with it.