Editing a boot.ini

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One of the things I do when setting up a workstation for a person that I want to make sure that I’ve forgotten NOTHING in the transition is to bring the old system over to the new one.  I used to just hang the old harddrive off the workstation so that all files would be able to be accessed.  Now I set up a virtual image of an exact copy of the old system (retail license of XP’s are purchased and all that).

So today I was doing this process and after the restore of Storagecraft to the virtual machine I got a lovely BSOD

0x0000007B Windows XP Vista Stop Error Fix:

On googling I thought I could go back into the old system, change the device drivers and it would go.  Nope, still no go.  So what I did was ended up doing a repair install over the top of the the bsod-ing image which fixed the issue.  Part of this problem is this is one of those original funky OEM with little front partition that I am now flipping to retail.  So I did a repair install and it now presents me with the dual OS issue

No worries we can fix that.

Go into the control panel, system, advanced, start up and recovery, click on edit  the startup options manually and remove the second line of the OS listed there.

Once you do that, it boots as it should.


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