Godaddy revisited

On September 22, 2008, in sbs 2008, by


I did it to myself.  You have to make sure you have no other windows open or task entries.

If the console is the ONLY thing open and running the wizard will work as it is designed to do.

Moral of this story is that sometimes the bugs you find are self-induced.


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  1. Well, you’d think I’d need a cop right now. After having a freaking website and domain online and tediously working four very long years of marketing selling t-shirts with the domain name on it, advertising campaigns, hours upon hours of dedicated people working their hardest, I joined this twisted domain provider BLOW DADDY (that’s what they did to my ecommerce site). They freaking sold my domain name to someone else, claimed the registration key from my existing registrar was incorrect and not working, but never got back to me in time, even though I’ve had the same freaking key for over 4 years and it was written on paper, and the numbers were correctly entered, you’d think that perhaps one of the idiots over there would know how to type, so now someone who bought the domain has all the PR and is getting all my business. There should be a law against stupidity, they should lock them all up on a deserted island so they can spend all their time with each other, while the rest of the normal world can proceed with their lives full force. I think GODADDY has a lot of wannabe geek idiots who answer phones to apologize because my 14 year olds who are not IT’s heard the conversation over the computer speaker and it made no sense, they did not want to admit to messing up. They however were very RUDE and did not want to say more than it was my mistake for not getting the right registration key to them in time AAAARRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So many stupid people, so little time to deal with them all and listen to their crock of crap. Buyer beware, just because you get a Transfer Request Acknowledgement via email from GODADDY does not mean that they received and will webhost your domain (keep it safe from vultures). This was their main problem. They continued to tell me that an acknowledgement is just like a receipt and unless my email stated that the Transfer Request was completed (some bullcrap technicality that they added on as a feature to postpone doing anything with your website while they all stand around the phone laughing at the caller getting madder than hell) you are basically screwed like me. How bout taking up a class action lawsuit against these cyberbullies? Crap, Homestead was better than GO DADDY and they’re just a simple place, nothing to look at.