Take one Vista 64bit HP workstation – xw4600 (1)

Ensure it has two dual video cards

Get four 24 inch HP widescreen monitors

Rotate them Portrait and what do you get?

The new computer for one of the partners at the office.

 HP® Official Store — Buy an HP w2408 Vivid Color 24-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor, refurbished (RY117AAR#ABA) from HP:
Amazon.com: HP W2408 Vivid Color 24-inch Widescreen Flat LCD Monitor with BrightView Panel: Computers & PC Hardware:

And before you comment…. I hate the mouse he has as well… yuck!

(1)  All sucky line of business apps run just fine on Vista 64 bit.



6 Responses to 64 bit, two video cards, four monitors, and Vista

  1. indy says:

    God the glare on those monitors is horrendous. Give me decent 1-2 monitors over those anyday.

  2. If Microsoft supported Vista x64 properly (take the lack of Print to OneNote and Groove folder sharing for example, then this would pretty much be my desktop, but I’m running x86 Vista Ultimate. 🙂

  3. w00t! Go 64b! My x64 workstations run everything I want them to just fine.

  4. “And before you comment…. I hate the mouse he has as well… yuck!”

    And yet you forgot to mention the coffee cup… Shame.

  5. Joe Moore says:

    Awesome – now all you need it Ultramon to manage these suckers better than the built in tools.


    Different backgrounds per monitor
    One click movement of windows to different monitors
    and much more.

    Very cool utility.

  6. Ardwych says:

    Hate the mouse? Well.. the Logitech Marble FX would be a little better, but they both avoid the subtle pain you all suffer from the unnatural rotation of your radius and ulnar that you work with every day. You’ll notice it more and more now. 🙂