I was asked the other day what a/v I will be running on SBS 2008.

Answer:  I don’t know right now.

My dirty little secret is that in the office I’m running Trend 3.5 because it’s leaner and meaner and on my Vista machines I am running NOD 32 3.0 and having bsod’s and issues on occasion.  Yes, Hilton will tell me that I need to be running the 2.7 version and not the latest 3.0 but that’s the same issue I have with Trend right now.  When every a/v I keep looking at seemingly has this “oh it was really good in THAT version so make sure you dig back and load THAT one” mentality, I have a hard time accepting this.  Firms do not put resources in older versions.  They focus on new ones.

Am I looking at the reports on Trend’s worry free and hoping that it’s new version that will support SBS 2008 and will be back to it’s fast old self.

I’ll keep you posted.


5 Responses to So what antivirus will you be running on SBS 2008?

  1. Philip Elder says:


    Give the problems we are running into with Trend … ain’t gonna happen here.

    We are seriously considering the possilbility of going with the whole meal deal when it comes to SBS 2008 with ForeFront and Live OneCare for both server and workstations.

    They can’t be any worse than Trend has been for us!


  2. Hendrik says:

    What problems do you have with Trend? We are running WorryFree 5.0 on sbs 2003 with xp/vista clients and are quite content. We’ll be evaluating wf 5.1beta for sbs2008 in october.

  3. indy says:

    None of the above. Don’t put AV on servers. Servers don’t experience end-user behavior that viruses can propogate. Bad Antivirus updates can take out machines far easier than properly locked down servers.

  4. admin says:

    The question wasn’t about servers, but rather workstations. Apologies for saying SBS 2008 but meaning the workstation installs.

    What a/v am I looking to roll out on workstations….answer “I don’t know”

  5. Abakus says:

    .. I have had a good run with Grisoft on SBS and network and I think I will do the same innext verion 2008 …