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If you would like to pick up your registration material’s prior to the conference, we will have a registration station set-up from noon to 4:00 in the Seattle, Marriott Waterfront Lobby on October 3rd


Schedule – Friday, October 3rd

Robin Robins Technology Marketing ToolKit 9:00am -5:00pm Marriott Seattle Waterfront
Join IT Marketing sensation Robin Robins to learn the surprising marketing tactics and systems a small group of computer consultants from across the country are using to generate extreme leaps in profits, sales, and ‘subscription income’ in incredibly short periods of time.

For more information visit:

Making the Most of the HP BladeSystem and Windows Essential Business Server Solution Opportunity 9:00am to 4:00pm Marriott Waterfront

(See the attached PDF for this.. this looks really cool!)


Response Point Open Mike 7:00pm-8:30pm Bell Harbor Conference Center

The Microsoft Response Point phone system is quickly growing a base of enthusiasts who appreciate the power it brings to small business telephony, and the rewarding opportunities for specialists who know how to sell and service it.   Join key members of the Response Point team for an evening of sneak previews, Q&A, and mingling with others in the growing Response Point ecosystem.  

Battling the Borg of the Internet with Scott Pinzon 7:00pm-8:30pm Bell Harbor Conference Center
Sure, you’ve heard of bots and botnets. But have you ever actually seen a bot, bot source code, or a bot herder’s Command and Control (C&C) center in action? Now you can.

 In this presentation, Pinzon reveals what makes bots tick. The talk covers topics both beginning and advanced:

·        What a “botnet” is
·        What bot source codes looks like and does
·        How bot herders control bots via C&C centers
·        How a crook might recruit an army of bots 
·        How to render bots powerless on your network 


to and from the airport SMB Nation has worked with Shuttle express to offer you a discounted rate on your transportation from the airport to the conference center, and hotels. You will receive a $10 round trip discount when they book a round trip airport reservation!
You will also receive an additional $1 off of each reservation when they book using the online reservation. 

Bell Harbor directions –




Unfortunately, it looks like Rain for the conference.  Please remember to bring your rain coat and warm clothing.


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