Alternatives to SBS revisited

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“The response was largely positive but yet a number of SBS consultants expressed their dissatisfaction. The comments were insightful; my view that SBS advocates recommended the product based on price was challenged. While true it also came to light that another reason for pushing SBS was that the consultant was complacent with just knowing one product. They were happy if their business did not grow. They were happy to lose customers if the customer got too big. Personally, I find such mediocrity disappointing.”

Guess David didn’t see my follow up, ‘eh?

The interesting thing to his follow up is that most of the alternatives are offering alternatives to Exchange… which… these days I’d argue that you need to be also lining up hosted Exchange as a contender.  But SBS isn’t just Exchange.  There’s a lot more under the hood.

And in this article

“Frankly, I think you’d only choose SBS because you’re working to a specific budget. I don’t believe anyone chooses to buy SBS because of perceived feature advantages.”

Wanna make a bet?  I do.  I did.  I still do.  As a commenter in your follow up article states..

“Here are some of the items I would miss:
1. Windows Software Update Service. If the clients are Windows based, this is a very necessary component.
2. Remote Web Workplace. Some have expressed their dislike of this. I, and my users, find it very useful.
3. Sharepoint Services. Same as above. The Flexshares on Clarkconnect or the ibays on SME server look as if they could handle the document management.
4. Group Policies”

Make that a me too.  Remote Web Workplace is a feature that I choose.  And logmein does not replace the centralized remote access.  Until you come up with that AD integration, the WSUS, and the Remote Web Workplace, yes, we choose SBS at my office.

“My whole thrust over the last week has been that SBS is a crippled bastard relative of its fuller Windows server products.”

And I’d say that SBS is the full Windows Server products with specific restrictions that most small businesses and easily live within those.  Not crippled.  Not a bastard.  And has integration and features that have yet to be matched.


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