DNS "magic"

On September 27, 2008, in smbnation, by

When you use the Domain wizard and sign up with one of the built into SBS 2008 vendors like godaddy, you’ll see a bit of DNS magic.

Ping the domain name and you get the IP address of godaddy.com

Ping the remote.domain name and you get the IP address of the server’s RWW portal.

Right now that IP address is serving up my SBS 2003 RWW at home but next weekend for SMBnation I’ll be flipping the router ports so that it points to the SBS 2008 box.

I’m debating if I want to try to do a godaddy trusted cert wizard live demo during the gotchas presentation.. or I might get cold feet and set it up ahead of time.  One thing I will do is demo how to build your own alerts in the console.

Looking forward to presenting with Ofer… I hear that at the San Diego SBS Partner group tour where Matt Damon (aka Sean Daniel) was subjected to Ofer’s questions was that he had a question limit placed on him 🙂  That’s Ofer for you!  Always wanted to get to the bottom of issues.


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