Sometimes reading the comments are more fun than the articles.  Because then you scratch your head over some of these comments:

To the IT consultant in New York, apparently you never heard of SBS which has been a product category since 1999?  SBS 2008 is merely the next version of a server platform that has already been there.

And I’d also love to see the core business applications that you can’t get to run on Vista.  Because on the 32bit platform, I can get EVERY SINGLE sucky application in my business to run.  EVERY ONE. 

On the 64 bit platform I even have Quickbooks back to 2004, Lacerte from 1998 to 2002, and CCH from 2003 to 2008.  They all work.

And finally … The extra server you get with both SBS premium and EBS premium can be the platform for Terminal Services. You’ll need to buy cals.  But can we stop wanting Terminal Services on our domain controllers?

After all of these years it gets old to see that same request from folks deploying technology solutions.


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