The Developer problem

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I am a consumer of software.  I am not a coder.  Thus I cannot walk in the shoes of my vendors as how easy or how hard it is to develop applications.  I don’t know how easy or hard it is to develop secure applications.  But when a vendor tells a customer to disable something like UAC in Vista because it may have performance issues if it is left on, it begs the question if one can’t debug coding for Vista, can they debug coding for XP? 

If they can’t debug performance issues in Vista, how do they debug performance issues at all?  Do they just get lucky or something?  Think about the bigger issue that is raised here? 

When it comes to Vista this is one area that I think we as customer could push harder on vendors.  We need to demand that our vendors code for Vista.  We need to demand that Microsoft ensures that they provide tools to all coders so that they can code for Vista.  And then they need to help us admins understand where our vendors are having issues.

But if a vendor comes back to you and says “well, it may have issues if you leave UAC on” I don’t consider that software to be Vista ready.  Is this a deal breaker?  Perhaps not for some customers.  But for me it’s a telltale sign that they don’t have the resources they need to code.

Not supporting UAC fully and completely means to me that they cannot code for non administrator rights.  And if this is a key beancounter like application, we should know better. 


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  1. Steve says:

    Well I am a coder, and I own a software company and yes in general I believe you are 100% correct. Vista has been out for some time now and there are no excuses.

    Accountancy software in general is very sloppily written, the UK’s leading brand is an appalling application and it only survives because it has become the standard.

  2. Andy Parkes says:

    Nice post 😉

    Certainly gave me plenty to think about…