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So your sister has a Windows Mobile 3 that she loves.  The old Audiovox phone.  And they just moved to Exchange 2007 at the office and she’s hoping to get the phone to sync up with the Exchange.  She doesn’t want to get a new phone or an iPhone or a Blackberry or a Google phone or any other phone, she loves the size of the Audiovox device.  But the SSL cert they used has a wild card *.domain name and the Windows Mobile 3 and 5 do not like a wildcard cert.

So what’s a girl to do?

Why get into the registry and fix it.

http://www.resco.net/smartphone/explorer/default.asp Download the registry app, install the app on the phone, and edit the registry on the phone.


On the Windows mobile 3 device I went into the registry of the device and added a dword key to basically tell it to merely accept the SSL cert and not do a name check on it.

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Activesync\Partners\ID for the Mobile 5 devices

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Airsync\Connection\ for the Mobile 3 devices

Under that registry, in the second below with all the other information, merely add a dword value.  Then name of it will be secure and the value is 0 (zero), which look like 0x0 when it’s done and on the device.

What this does is stops the device from checking the cert.  The connection is still fully SSL’d and secure.  I then put the SSL cert from the server on the device itself by going to the OWA web site, exporting the SSL cert from the web site, putting it via a usb sync cable to the device and installing the cert on the device itself.  And then voila.  It worked.

Picture is blurry as I took it from my other phone …another still fully operational Audiovox device as well, but you can get the idea

P.S. when any geeky person says “simply browse to the registry key on a mobile device” and you wonder how do to that if the device doesn’t have a built in registry editor, check out Resco’s registry editor for mobile devices: http://www.resco.net/smartphone/explorer/default.asp


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