The domain and the forest

On October 28, 2008, in sbs 2008 migration, by

Ever notice how sometimes when you learn something and you hit a little snag and you figure it out it’s one of those OH! moments that you’ll probably never forget to check?

We’re about to start the era of finding those OH moments in SBS 2008.  One of them is raising the domain and forest functional level to Windows 2003 on the original pre-migration SBS 2003 boxes to get it prepared for migration.  Note the domain AND forest level.  In our single domain and “one tree” forests, don’t forget you need to do both.

You will need to ensure that Windows 2000 DCs are removed from your SBS 2003 network before you do this (if you have any Win2k DCs in your SBS 2003 networks in the first place)

A default SBS 2003 box has a domain and forest functional level of Windows 2000.  You need to raise BOTH to Windows 2003 level.

Once you raise it, you can’t roll it back.

So have a good backup, okay?


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