This feature is optomized for Adobe Flash Player version 8 or higher……

so don’t upgrade to Version 10 and expect it to work


3 Responses to This feature is optomized for Adobe Flash Player version 8 or higher……

  1. indy says:

    Other sites run fine. Been beta testing v 10 for 6 months and no issues.

    We can live without CNN. They’ve always had the strangest video systems.

  2. Yes… Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade!!! Just don’t upgrade all the way or you’ll break the service.


  3. David Barnes says:


    Has the webmaster at CNN got his head in the sand?
    I understood that Flash player 8 has first hacked in march 2006
    Adobe gave up on version 8 in July 2007 advising all users to upgrade to version 9 (which has since been hacked)

    Any user NOT running at least version is [potentially] going to very quickly find they no longer have any money in their online banking account, their online credit card is maxed out and their system is doing wierd things..

    Ok a bit paranoid, but flash player is one of the BIG attack vectors for compromising end user systems.

    Could an end user sue CNN for damages?
    An end user would likely assume that the IT pro’s at CNN know more about security and patching than he does.
    If they then clicked the button version 8 would be sent to the user via the CNN servers link.
    The user, immediately get’s his system compromised watching the next video on youtube or similar site.
    As it’s OVER a year out of date CNN cannot hide behind it being a ‘recent discovery’ or change.