When you begin the migration from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 you need to do a backup.  I mean REALLY do a backup.  And not just one backup, do an Ofer backup.  Do a regular backup and then park a System State backup in addition to the normal backup.  Do one with BackupAssist.  Do one with Storagecraft.  Heck do an image based backup while you are at it.  Okay so maybe you don’t need THAT many backups, but do you get the idea that you need to make sure that you can roll yourself back just in case and the more paranoid you are the more options you need to roll back?

When you begin to test the migration process, think about if you’d get stuck and you are part way through the process? 

Bottom line make sure you can roll yourself back just in case.



3 Responses to Have a backup before starting migration

  1. Mike Renna says:

    What’s an ‘Ofer backup’ : ) ?

  2. Philip Elder says:

    My suggestion: Take that imaged backup and restore it to a virtual machine, install SBS 2008 into a VM in migration mode and run the migration through.
    Hyper-V Server 2008 is free, it will facilitate this process.
    From there, image one of your workstations and restore it to a VM on the same virtual network (P2V) and test … test … test!

  3. Daniel Mundy says:


    That’s a good idea. Have you done a P2V using SBS? I haven’t tried it but would assume all kinds of driver issues…

    I have to get my test server working with 64bit first though! I think it needs a BIOS update…