Troubleshooting QuickBooks update errors:

So what ports are needed for Quickbooks in the various years?

Quickbooks 2009 —

80 and 443 outbound
55333-55337 inbound and outbound
Fallback port 56719

Quickbooks 2008 —

80 and 443 outbound
10180 inbound and outbound

Quickbooks 2007 —

Port 10172 inbound and outbound

Quickbooks 2006 —

Port 10160 inbound and outbound

Quickbooks 2005 —

QBW32.exe and QBupdate.exe through the firewall

Remember these holes need to be done on the server as well on SBS 2008.  Do NOT disable the firewall.

Click on allow a program through the firewall

Click on Add port


Do this for each port in that list for the versions of quickbooks you have running on the server.  You do not need to make any port adjustment for port 80 and 443, that is done in the CEICW wizard (or whatever they call that wizard these days) 


2 Responses to What firewall ports do you need open for Quickbooks?

  1. sproket90 says:

    you got so many holes in your firewall it looks like swiss cheese…

    maybe you ought to save yourself some time and trouble and rely on a good perimeter firewall…

  2. bradley says:

    FYI Sproket that is not meant to be the outside firewall. Server 2008 ships with the firewall enabled on the server. Do NOT turn it off. This is standard operational procedure for the internal nic.