So what can you load in HyperV?

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Windows Server 2008 Virtualization with Hyper-V: Supported Guest OS:

If you want to test a migration from SBS 2000 to SBS 2008 with a swing up to Win2k3 in the middle, for the record, a SBS 2000 will load in HyperV.  However ensure that you patch it up to SP4 in order to be able to use a mouse over an RDP window

Yes that is a SBS 2000 inside a hyper V.  And after I got it up to SP4 and it found a new virtual nic I think it’s screwing up the dns as it’s dog slow now.  And my first thought was ‘dang, there’s no fix my network wizard’.

Sometimes instead of waxing poetic about how wonderful and simple technology used to be in the “good old days”, dig out of your archives that old software and see just how painful it was back then.  Patch Management was a joke.  Reconfiguring networking was a peril. Configuring Exchange was a series of how tos.

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  1. Carlos says:

    Okay – so this is nostalgic. I even remember the SBS 4.0 days. Long live SBS!