Really going down memory lane

On November 28, 2008, in news, by

Really going down memory lane tonight just to see if I could.

Okay so it’s kinda like seeing if Microsoft Bob will load on Vista, but that’s indeed SBS 4.0 on Vmware.  For the record it wouldn’t load on HyperV and it’s barely up in Vmware.  The video card extenstions won’t install so the video is funky, but it’s an interesting experience in reminding myself of how much everyone has dealt with change through these years.

To build boot floppies you can use MagicISO and then save the files and img or vfd files.  You may need to save them and rename them to the vfd format (the images won’t mind a bit)

Doing some actions on that build to try to deal with drivers and what not.. well it’s just painful let me put it that way.  It definitely has reinforced to me just how much change occurs in technology.

I hope you’d not spent day one of a Thankgiving weekend strolling down memory lane like I have.  You should be preparing for what’s coming ahead:  Download the SBS 2008 documentation — , sign up for a trial of MS online —


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    I would give dearly for a SBS 4.0 product box for my collection. And I mean dearly. This screenshot brings back many heartfelt memories. WOW!

    Thanks for the goodness!