Okay so this isn’t my normal geek post

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But I just had to share.  This is what you get when you cross a geek, a MINI owner, Martha Stewart and a Thanksgiving weekend.

While my Sister is restringing the tree with Christmas lights, I’m decorating gingerbread cookies and cinnamon ornaments.


They look like gingerbread, smell like it but are obviously non edible and then you can tie them to packages as ornaments/gift tags.

(yeah okay, okay, so this isn’t a geeky post, but you have to admit they are kinda cute in a bizarre way)

Somehow I have to do a PepperWhite Convertible lookalike in honor of my Sister’s car.

Don’t worry, we now return to your regularly scheduled geek blog.

Here.. read this:

How to succeed with small business cloud computing |SMB IT | Curtis Franklin | InfoWorld:

And this looks interesting and I need to try it out just for grins:


And a wise tip I read on a blog about cloud services.  When setting up any of the Microsoft Office Cloud services, don’t hook it to your own Passport account but set one up specifically for that client.  If you are an employee or a consultant and you part ways you can hand over the access without having to try to get it untangled from your own personal passport account.


3 Responses to Okay so this isn’t my normal geek post

  1. Dean says:

    Good grief

  2. bradley says:

    Does it make more sense if I tell you they are for the local Mini Cooper club 🙂