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This is the third round of this Hyper-V Knowledge Sharing series. Now you
are familiar with Hyper-V and have general troubleshooting skills, How to
get more?

Selling tools:
Integrated Virtualization ROI Tool Now Available
Strengthen the case for your solutions, reduce your sales cycle, and
demonstrate the total cost of ownership advantage of Microsoft
virtualization solutions by leveraging the Microsoft Integrated
Virtualization return on investment (ROI) tool.

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit <>

Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool
The Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool manages the workflow of updating
large numbers of offline virtual machines according to their individual
needs. <>

Gear Up – Key Sales Enablement Tool
The World is buzzing around virtualization. Your customers, our competitors,
and the media are all talking about it. But everyone’s having the wrong
conversations. Virtualization is far bigger than what people think.
Together, Microsoft and you can tell a better story – one that completely
changes the game.  Download the kit in Onenote. <>

Microsoft Virtualization – Learning Portal

Imagine a world where people and computers get the resources they need the
moment they need them, where companies are able to mobilize and manage the
resources of their entire infrastructure, both virtual and physical, to meet
fast-moving business demands. Welcome to the world of virtualization-where
all of this is a reality and almost anything is possible.

At Microsoft, virtualization is a means for enabling our long-standing
vision of dynamic IT, an environment that helps people in an organization
anticipate and respond to business challenges and opportunities. Microsoft
is the only company that provides an end-to-end suite of virtualization
products and technologies-all tied together by a centralized, policy-based
management system.

To help you deploy and manage the latest virtualization products-Windows
Server 2008 with Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center (including Virtual
Machine Manager 2008 and Microsoft Desktop and Application
Virtualization)-Microsoft Learning offers a complete set of training,
resources, and streamlined certification paths to help you stand out in your
field and get virtual now like never before.

Virtualization Resources

Microsoft provides data center, desktop, and management virtualization
solutions. Here is a select group of resources that provide an overview of
the benefits you can achieve with our end-to-end solution set, including
white papers, podcasts, webcasts, and analyst research and reviews.

Hyper-V and Virtualization Technical Solution Center

Blogs of Senior Program Manager, Hyper-V team, Windows Core Operating System

TechNet Blogs – Virtualization


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