Service pack or not?

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Microsoft exec: Windows 7 is no service pack | Beyond Binary – CNET News:;posts

Okay Bill sweetie I realize that you need to put a stake in Windows Vista because if you breathe the word Vista around some users they immediately go into a technology meltdown and refuse to acknowledge that they’ve been dealing with change around computers for the last 20 years, but saying that it’s not a service pack is stretching it.  As is pointed out in this post, Windows 2008 R2 is calling it what it is.  An R2 minor refresh.  Okay so it’s a bit like the Home and Garden decorating shows where you bring in the experts to redecorate the place but it’s the same house.

Granted the UAC now has a scrolly bar where you can throttle down the alerts.  And the gadget bar is undocked.  But this isn’t like the change from NT to 2000, nor from 2000 to XP.  It’s still Vista but fixed up and with a new name so that the marketing guys can start over and fix what they screwed up from before. 

Be careful what you set as expectations as already I’ve had questions regarding if Windows 7 is so different if they should wait for this as they need a new computer.  My answer is no, don’t wait.  Vista sp1 is out.  Beta of sp2 is now out.  And Windows 7 is merely rearranging the furniture and throwing down a new area rug.  It’s not a remodel job.


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  1. Joe_Raby says:

    If they’re going to release a Service Pack update specifically for SBS 2008, they should do at least 2 things to the UI:

    1) Remove the option to install Hyper-V (and any other unsupported role)
    2) Remove the option to install OneCare for Server

    I expect those changes to at least be in R2.