Back in the saddle again

On December 9, 2008, in Security, by

it’s that time of the month when we turn to Redmond and check for those Security patches.

I owe someone a blog post about the state of patching.  Whether patching causes hurt or good and if there are ways to do it better.

This post isn’t it.  I’ll probably get to that Wednesday or Thursday night.  But I want you to promise me something.  I want you to go and sign up for the MSRC blog at  And then I want you to watch the web site at (or if you are into twitter — and when they review the patches see what is included in them.  See what they are replacing, read the known issues section and see if you remember that in the past a client has had “pain” with the prior patch and plan accordingly.

I’ll type up more but this isn’t Russian Routlette, we plan fo this.  Be prepared.

P.S.  Another twitter you might want to follow:


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