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Just like I want a rubber car when someone is tailgating me, there are times I want a rubber computer.  It’s times like these I’m tempted to open it, but I know better.

Well we sorta have a rubber computer in the form of http://www.virustotal.com/.  Upload it and see what it says.  And if it comes back unrecognized, don’t open it regardless.

http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/14cca5ba44b398a1a809bce1cab2e115 Right now it’s coming back as no viruses but I’m still not opening it, not on THIS machine anyway. Remember one thing that virtualization can do is allow you to make machines for this kind of purpose.  But don’t let your guard down regardless.


2 Responses to Tempted

  1. DaveN says:

    Don’t worry about this – I already won it, and when I get the cash I’ll send you some : -)

  2. Joe_Raby says:

    Dave, you couldn’t have. So did I! 😉