David in the comments —

Susan, did you see this during December’s Patch Tuesday?  At both my sites (SATV and my personal box) I saw the December 2008 Malicious Software Removal Tool listed under “Expired” early Wednesday morning (when both sites get synced.)  Today’s sync had the December MSRT come up as expected and the tool is on at least my Vista box.

No word of this so far on the WSUS blog.

‘RE: WSUS weirdness – Malicious Software Removal Tool, Dec 2008 – Expired?’ – MARC:

As reported on the PatchManagement listserve and confirmed, apparently there was some uninstall info that needed to be fixed so it was offered up and then removed and then reoffered (if on MU) and if on WSUS you will have seen it expired and resync’d.



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  1. David Moisan says:

    That’s it. Thanks, Susan!