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Update 1 (QuickBooks 2009 Release 4)


Update 1 provides the ability to

  • Quick Fill. You will be able to start typing entry information, such as payee and account names, and QuickBooks will recognize what you are typing and complete the information for you.
  • Add New. You can quickly add new names, accounts, and classes within Online Banking by selecting Add New from the dropdown list.
  • Manual Match. You will have the ability to view and select QuickBooks register entries to manually match the downloaded transaction. [2]

Update 1 becomes available on

  • Thursday, Dec. 11, as a download at www.quickbooks.com/support (click on the Updates & Downloads link along the top navigation bar).
  • Thursday, Dec. 18 as an auto-update if you and clients have automatic updates enabled.


  Update 2 (QuickBooks 2009 Release 5)


By working overtime, our programmers were able to complete this first update and catch up with one more heavily requested change. Update 2 provides the ability to

  • Review and Add Multiple Bank Transactions at Once. You will be able to easily review, edit, and save downloaded transactions in a batch.

Update 2 becomes available on

  • Thursday, Dec. 18, both as a download from www.quickbooks.com/support and as an auto-update if you and clients have automatic updates enabled.


  Informational Video


Bonus Video

Here is a YouTube video on the four features affected by these updates. Feel free to share this link with clients as you think useful.



  More Feedback


Bank of America. Some QuickBooks users have reported difficulties downloading bank transactions from Bank of America. Bank of America reports it will be able to update its systems to resolve these difficulties as early as December 12.

Multiple Windows. Some QuickBooks users have asked for the ability to have multiple windows open at the same time. We are working on an update for this as well.

  Feedback on Online Banking


Feel free to email us at OnlineBanking_QB2009@intuit.com with your thoughts or if you would like to be notified of Online Banking-related updates.  We appreciate your suggestions to date to help us better meet the needs of both our existing and new customers.




  1. This alert relates to Windows versions of QuickBooks 2009 in its Pro and Premier editions, as well as to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0.
  2. You will be shown a view of the register that includes transactions that have not yet been reconciled and were not automatically matched by online banking


The Quickbooks folks were very quick to get these fixes out.  If you have QB 2009 now is the time to get updates!


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