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The following “hot topics” were posted and resolved during the month of

SBS 2003/2008

Issue #1

Problem Description
Cannot add users or groups in Windows SBS console of SBS 2008

Run SBS 2008 BPA indentified the problem. The root cause of the issue is
that the SBS default OU (MyBusiness) was renamed so the SBS console couldn’t
detect it properly for user creation. Rename it back solved the issue.

Windows Small Business Server 2008 Best Practices Analyzer

Issue #2

Problem Description
When trying to connect a Windows XP Pro computer to SBS2008 domain via
http://connect, you cannot migrate the existing user’s data because the user
doesn’t appear as an option.

Analysis & Resolution:
We create a new user account and this new user account does appear, so the
connect compute wizard should be working fine. The problem is with the
particular local user profile. It can be that some profile date of the user
account is corrupt so it cannot be detected properly by the wizard.

We have the following options to fix this:

Option 1. Create a new local user account on that computer, then copy the
existing user’s  profile to the newly created user account; after that
connect the compute to SBS2008 domain and we should see the newly created
user for migration

Option 2. Connect the computer to SBS 2008 domain without moving the
pre-existing data, later use the local user account to logon to the computer
and move the data manually

To copy a user profile to a new profile in Windows XP, please refer to this

How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile in Windows

Issue #3

Problem Description
A Windows XP Service Pack 3 computer failed to add to the SBS 2008 domain
via Connect Computer Wizard http://connect

Analysis & Resolution:
The ConnectComputer.log shows the following:

[3520] 081117.172354.6254: ClientSetup: Failed to open registry for
profilelist S-1-5-21-2292144591-548658574-33896668-1004.
[3520] 081117.172354.6254: ClientSetup: Failed to open registry for
profilelist S-1-5-21-2292144591-548658574-33896668-1005.

It indicates the user account used doesn’t have sufficient permissions to
access the local users’ profile registry for profile migration. Create a new
local admin user account on the client computer, and then run http://connect
under the newly created admin account to run the connect computer wizard


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