Q&A regarding the Intuit Quickbooks offer on Monday from the great and wonderful Allison Ball at Intuit
Again USA only (sorry gang)
HI everyone,
A couple of you have emailed me offlist about concerns and questions, 
so I thought it best to answer all the questions on list so everyone 
has the info.

Additionally, if you are on other chat boards and forums, please re-
post my answers to those boards so everyone sees it.

1) Question - is this a real offer?
YES the Staples offer is real.  It is for one day only, and works 
like this: Go to a Staples Store, buy one copy of QuickBooks Pro for 
PC (single-user SKU) and use the Staples $40 off instant coupon. Pay 
the difference plus sales tax. At the store, pick up the form for the 
$159 rebate and then follow the instructions to mail in the rebate 
form.  Sometime in the near future you'll get your refund.

OR - go online to Staples.com on MONDAY and buy it that way.  Same 
deal - you have to pay $159 plus tax, then file the rebate form to 
get the money back.  

2) What about Sales Tax?
Sales tax is your responsibility.. sorry - you all know what the 
State Board of Equalization is like!  

3) can we use this to make our existing copy of QuickBooks Pro 2009 
YES - but remember that each customer can only get ONE rebate.  But 
if you need additional licenses of QuickBooks Pro 2009 to make your 
existing one multi-user, I say go for it!

4) there are 1400 Staples Stores nationwide... what if the 
communication doesn't reach every store?  

Well - great question!!!  I asked our VP of Sales, Caroline Donohue - 
about that, and got this response...

Our team has emailed, fed ex'ed, etc to all stores…but with 1400 
stores it may be hard to get 100% compliance. 

As of Monday, the offer will be on the HOME PAGE of Staples.com. I 
recommend going to a store early or doing it early on line. I'm 
confident that they will get the offer on Monday—store execution is 
always tricky but with all their communication, they will get it.

Also - if they do go to a physical Store and the supplies have "run 
out" - note that there are no rain checks…  this offer is `while 
supplies last' but luckily Staples has TONS of inventory (most stores 
have been getting huge orders over the last several days). 

But ordering online will for sure get them the deal, so that is a 
great way to go as well.


I hope this helps, everyone - it'll be cool to see you all down at 
Staples with your clients!!  If you do go, send me the photos!!

Best regards,


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  1. This is a fantastic offer. I do not believe Intuit has made such an offer in the page