And there it is on the front page….

Quickbooks Pro 2009 Edition at Staples®:



Make sure you get the rebate

Rebate Rules: Offer valid for customers who purchase QuickBooks Pro 2009 (SKU 758686) on 12/22/2008 at Staples stores, or Staples catalog only. Rebate amount does not include tax, phone or s/h charges. Offer not valid with any other rebates, offers or promotions unless otherwise specified by Intuit. All required materials must accompany rebate coupon. Rebate submission must be postmarked by 1/22/09. Void where prohibited. Intuit is not responsible for lost, delayed, misdirected, illegible, incomplete or postage-due mail. Claims of non-payment will require photocopy substantiation of all required items. To specify your contact preferences for Intuit special offers, visit This rebate is NOT eligible for online submission and must be mailed in. For purchases made at Staples Stores: Send the completed ORIGINAL or Copy of the rebate redemption form printed from the cash register. If you are using any other type of Staples Rebate Redemption Form, you MUST attach your ORIGINAL or Copy of the Sales or Rebate Receipt. UPC label is required. For purchases made at Send this ORIGINAL or Copy of the completed rebate redemption form with the ORIGINAL or Copy of packing slip that is enclosed with your purchase as your receipt. UPC label is required. Photocopies will not be accepted. Offer valid in US only. Good for actual purchases by end users; excludes resellers and distributors of products and their families. Please allow 9 weeks after claim is received by Fulfillment Company to receive your rebate. If after 9 weeks you have not received your check, please call 1-800-201-0845, 8am-5pm CST, Mon-Fri (live) or 24/7 (automated). All rebates will be made in US dollars. Staples logo and product names are trademarks of Staples and their respective companies. Limit 1 rebate per name/address/household/company. For questions about your rebate call 1-800-201-0845. Fraudulent submission of multiple requests could result in federal prosecution under the U.S. Mail Fraud Statutes (18 USC, Section 1341 & 1342). Keep a copy of your claim for future reference.


3 Responses to And even before the stroke of midnight….there it is…Quickbooks for free (or nearly so)

  1. indy says:

    The rebate offer isn’t working for me. Says it can’t find the “rebate offer number (08-59261.) I filed a trouble ticket with them.

  2. Robert says:

    Ordered one successfully earlier today, but out curiosity clicked the link again tonight and “out of stock”…

  3. indy says:

    Just got this in an e-mail:
    ” We did not receive the UPC for Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2009. Please send it to: ATTENTION RESUBMISSIONS, PO BOX 028540 Miami, FL 33102-8540.”

    Awesome. I of course included the UPC with the shipment. I even have the box with the UPC cut out.