So for the past week I’ve been unable to update my Mac to 10.5.6 version.  I guess I should look at the bright side that it doesn’t tell me to contact my System administrator (ME) to fix it and I wouldn’t have a clue.,2817,2337151,00.asp

PCMag and the Apple discussion boards are a bit messy and looks like maybe this is one update to be glad that it’s not working

Apple – Support – Discussions – Installation and Setup:

However based on this looks like a reinstall of the OS is in my future.  Ugh.

Apple – Support – Discussions – 10.5.6 unknown installer error …:


One Response to The update "Mac OS X Update" can’t be installed

  1. Aaron Booker says:

    Apple update issues are “usually/often” fixed by downloading them to your computer first – then installing them. Check the options from System Preferences/Software Update (menu options) and download it first – then install it…