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To anyone trying to post to the 2k3 newsgroups today, I have to apologize.  The web interface is totally and utterly messed up to the point that when you click on any discussion group in there you get a Service temporarily unavailable:

So I’d recommend that for today that you not rely on the web interface and use the old, clunky, everyone obviously hates it because everyone keeps pronouncing it dead, NNTP.


It’s working.

The web isn’t.


2 Responses to Web access to the 2k3 newsgroups is messed up

  1. Greg McConnel says:

    I switched to Windows Mail (the new Outlook Express) when these issues started. I don’t know why I ever started using the web based newsgroups in the first place. The email client is a much better way to read and post.

  2. Robear Dyer, MS MVP says:

    Web-based access to MS Public Newsgroups died c. 18:00 UTC, 23 Dec-08; Web-based access returned c. 23:00 UTC, 29 Dec-08.

    Why has there been no public comment from MS about this to date?

    PS: “Old, clunky, everyone obviously hates it” describes the web-based access, not NNTP access IMHO.