Official Google Blog: Network effects: Introducing the Google Apps Authorized Reseller Program:

Or how about signed up to test out the google apps?  One can only (and should only) recommend cloud for businesses if you know how they work.

(btw strike one for google apps, it allows you to set up a really sucky password for the administrator account, not too good in my book given that documents I care about may be placed up there)

I’m setting up a test domain for our local Partner group to play with.

Check it out and see if it matches the work flow of the clients that may need this or may want a hybrid of this.


2 Responses to Signed up for the google apps reseller program?

  1. Amy B says:

    Be sure to read that EULA. It’s ugly.

  2. Joe Raby says:

    A: NO!

    Google Accounts Terms of Service, Section 11. Read it.